Remember, no fix no fee to pay.

I will diagnose and repair your PC or Laptop.

COVID-19. House visits are not being provided by me at the moment. I will collect your computer and drop off at your address.

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Welcome to my website.

Computer repair is still about. In recent years, laptop repair has taken over. Computer repair will keep going for years, as gamers and businesses, still use desktops and laptops. Smartphone repairs is in high demand as ever.

PC Repair Manchester. I am in Atherton, Manchester. At the moment i am working from home, due to coronavirus. I have the tools, to repair computers.

Computers are anything from, Desktop's to Laptop's, Smart Phone's, Games Consoles. A computer is anything that has a processor, memory, and storage. 

Thanks for visiting my website.

Ste The PC Repair Man, STEPHEN JONES.

Be a happy computer user

Having a computer that is running slow, can affect businesses around the world. People book holidays online, and buy clothes and electronics online etc.  

From first logging into the operating system, and being frustrated, on how slow your computer is.

I will get your computer running the way it should be. Every time a computer user switches the computer on, a user should experience a fast and smooth computer and operating system. And a smooth, search engine experience ,using, Google, Bing, etc. 

There is nothing better then a customer who smiles after my work. 

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Please wipe down your computer with antibacterial wipes, before I collect your computer at your business address, or home address.
Keyboards especially, house a lot of bacteria.